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MY MOST REquested topics

What's the difference between values and ethics?


Sometimes our values can conflict with our workplace's ethics. Learn how in this short clip of a talk Charles gave to employees of a local university. 

Dealing with difficult relationships


Whether it's a challenging work or personal relationship  this talk addresses the many ways we face conflict in our everyday world. Groups will learn to use their rational minds to address and resolve these interpersonal challenges. They will learn the difference in being assertive and aggressive, how to respond rather than react. Groups love this one. Full of techniques they can use  immediately with those around them.

Emotional Intelligence


This is a very hot topic for all groups. What is EI? Can I increase my EI? What can I use it for? EI is all about understanding and controlling your own emotions. Once you can do that you can relate to others in a more appropriate manner. Groups will be able to come away from this absorbing talk using their EI to relate to others in a more healthy, productive manner. 

The Drama Triangle


What's a Victim? A Persecutor? A Rescuer? We have them all around us. At different times WE are ALL of them ourselves. This fascinating talk explains how these roles dictate our interactions with others and with ourselves. Based on Stephen Karpman's pioneering work. Groups love this information. A lot to take away and use to change our lives for the better.

Shutting down stress/anxiety


This is a huge topic among work groups. Everyone can relate to this. We've arrived at a time where stress is accepted as a necessary part of our lives. While that is true, we can control the amount of stress in our lives. (No, really, we can.) Groups are able to use proven relaxation techniques to lessen their stress immediately. This is a real crowd pleaser and will make a difference at the workplace and at home.


This folktale nicely illustrates how our own prejudices, our own perceptions inform our view of the world. The task is to widen our view. See the world outside our own fears.

About Me


So far so good...

After a fullfilling career in California, I am happy to have come back to my roots in the South. Settling into a private practice has given me a platform to help people explore the many challenges they face in their complicated lives. I'm a passenger along the way with them. I continue to see individuals and couples in my practice,as I also enjoy a busy schedule of public speaking. I have found that I am able to connect with these groups on important aspects of their lives. 


A Philosophy for the Future

 The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another, and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it. -J.M. Barrie, novelist and playwright (9 May 1860-1937)  

This quote carries great truth. Who we are as opposed to who we thought we were going to be can be sobering. It's important to look at this unblinkered. We must continue to be mindful as we move forward becoming who we want to be. 


Workshops and Keynotes

Using my training as a mental health therapist I am able to inform groups as I entertain them. I don't tell jokes. I tell stories. I ask for their stories. As a group we piece together moments that we can take with us far beyond today. These sessions are full of 'take aways'. More that buzzwords and temporary feel good quotes. Real life instructions people can use in their lives right now.


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